Live a life worth remembering

Welcome to a place of Heroes, Extraordinary Tomorrows and life changing Experiences!

My mission is simple - To Inspire You to dream big, To Motivate You to want to make those dreams come true, and to Educate you in how to achieve them.

Life is a wondrous gift, and there is so much opportunity, beauty and potential to explore. Yet, we hold ourselves back with unhelpful stories, beliefs, systems, processes and cultures. I say this as an observation and as someone who has been a product of these very things. In fact, they nearly cost me my life.

My life's adventure has brought me to this point; full of passion, life lessons, optimism and faith. All of which I use to not only live my life to the full, but to encourage You to do the same.

Let's Live a Life worth Remembering.

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Martin Seville

Hero Pose

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Coach - Speaker - Author

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I'm passionate about sharing wisdom and experience - from me and others - so you can fast track your results and success,
whatever they may be.

So, I'm bringing together all the Books, Courses, Trainings, Podcasts, Events and Subscriptions that have influenced my success, plus my own offerings - all in one place. Literally decades of world class learning. I call it Success Leaves Clues.

Meet the clients

"The best investment I've made in my working life."

- Manooch
Mortgage Business Owner

"I do feel so so so much more relaxed, confident and happier with home and work."

- Andy
Motor Industry

"Even after this first call there were things which you mentioned which instantly made me look at things differently, make slight tweaks and feel big (positive) differences."

- Paul
Senior Vice President, Insurance

"Martin is a highly empathic and skilled coach. I highly recommend Martin as he has an amazing ability truly listen and cut through to the core of an issue to guide you back to the solution. Thanks so much Martin for all your support!"

- Louise
Grief Coach

Musician and Actor

"Wow! Talking to Martin is like a breath of fresh air and he has given me a totally new perspective on the current issues facing my business. Martin takes the time to listen and through powerful and insightful questioning, draws out where you want to be and how you want to do it! I felt stuck before our coaching but I now feel I have a gift, full of positivity and ideas for the future to open whenever I am feeling less than. I can't thank you enough Martin."

- Jo
Career Coach