Empathy Coaching

Empathy Coaching

If you're feeling Stressed, Worried, Anxious, Overwhelmed or Low, this is your safe space. As an ex-corporate ladder climber who let these things go on for far too long, I'm here to support you, listen to you and guide you, not from text books but from lived experience and life lessons. That's the foundation of Empathy Coaching.


How can I help?

Free resources

Sometimes you just need something simple you can use away from anyone else. For exactly this purpose I offer you these:

1) Honestly First Journal

2) Healthy Habits Blueprint

3) ACT Like a Hero Site

4) Roadmap out of Work Stress

5) 30 Top Tips for Stressed Dads

6) Free Class for Stressed Dads

- Free -


If you like to read the stories and experiences of others, my first two books could help you. Part of an ongoing series covering a range of topics, you can currently pick up:

1) Anxiety & Us

2) Sadness & Us

3) Fear & Us

4) Anger & Us

5) Authenticity & Us

6) Overwhelm & Us

- From £3.27 -

Online Programmes

If Workload and Working Hours are causing you Stress and Worry; which then has a negative impact on your daily Routine, family life and health these online programme are for you. Full of what you need to know to get back in control of work, time and life.

1) Stressed Dad to Calm Dad Signature Programme

2) Stressed Dad to Calm Dad Lunch & Learn Sessions

3) Belief Busting Blueprint Bundle

3) Act Like A Hero Programme

- From £29 -

1:1 Coaching

The most effective way to overcome challenge is with direct support. Your personal Guide who can listen without judgement, remind you of the best in yourself and help build a path to a Healthier and Happier You.

Book a call to discuss

- From £500 per month -

“Thank you so much Martin from the bottom of my heart. When I was at a real low point and was hurting myself with negative self evaluations your skills, confidence and support were first class. I honestly don’t feel I could have changed my personal situation as quickly or as strongly without your help, guidance and advice.”

- Michelle
Managing Director of a Global Financial organisation

Why Heroes?

At Empathy Coaching we believe in Heroes and, in particular, the Hero's Journey. But, what does this mean?

The Hero's Journey is a storytelling tool as old as time itself. Our Hero, who feels frustrated and far from being a Hero, decides enough is enough: they must change or try something new. Enter stage left the Guide, the Mentor, the Coach. With their wisdom they guide our Hero on a path of new skills, knowledge and experience. There are tests, falls and stumbles but together our Hero gets stronger, bolder and more confident. In the final act, our Hero stands tall, proud and triumphant. Sound familiar? Every great story from Star Wars and the Marvel MCU to Mary Poppins follows this journey. It's not just for movies and books though, it's an incredible guide for life. We are all on our own Hero's Journey. We absolutely should feel, think, act and believe as the Hero of our own Life Story; yet how often do we feel more like a cameo or the narrator. I use the Hero's Journey to help you see Your Life differently and motivate you to create your very best story. This is, after all, Your Hero's Journey.