I love making my English teachers proud!

What started as a one-off article - "Behind the Smile and Sunglasses" highlighting my struggle with mental illness - soon grew into countless articles on many mental health and life lesson topics.

I'm also now a resident author for the "& Us" series of books. Our first six books on Anxiety, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Authenticity and Overwhelm are out now on Amazon, with a powerful chapter from me included among an incredible line up of established and debut authors from around the world.

I also have three of my own books in production.

So whether you want to check out my writing or invite me to guest write for your publication, book or blog, you're in the right place.


How can you access my writing?

My Articles

I'm working on bringing all my articles into one place. Until then, you'll find a good collection:

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In Extraordinary Times

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My Books

My first two collaboration books on dealing with Anxiety and Sadness are now available in paperback and on kindle. They are incredibly powerful, insightful and practical books, designed to help if you or someone you know suffers with Anxiety or Sadness.

Anxiety & Us

Sadness & Us

Fear & Us

Anger & Us

Authenticity & Us

Overwhelm & Us

Details of all my current and future releases are in my Success Leaves Clues Online Store.

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Your Publications

Do you have a blog, publication, newsletter or book project? Are you looking for guest writer to explore topical subjects? Topics may include:

Mental Health & Stress

Healthy Corporate Working

Living with Purpose

A Hero's Journey

Confidence & Courage

Self-Care & Choice

Goals and Visions

Dealing with Change

Let's discuss what you need and how I could help deliver value to you audience.


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A selection of reader reviews

“When I read this I cried with recognition, a remembering - your chapter is valuable and written like a true Hero"
- Jenny

"I cannot say enough about how much I recognize your courage during the stress, your quiet internal battle over those years, and the impact that making yourself vulnerable now will have. Corporate stress is a killer. You are a soldier. A survivor. And now a game-changer to others. Be well. Keep the faith." - SN

"You are such an inspiration Martin. Your story is such a powerful one and I am so excited for your journey. Your story will resonate and help so many people. Thank you for your courage in sharing all you have been through."
- HS

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