Extreme Confidence

Extreme Confidence

The ONLY way to improve anything is to take ACTION.

To actually do something, feel it, experience it. This gets deep within us; which in turn makes the change, improvement or learning have a more profound impact and importantly stay with us. This is a fundamental part of my Coaching and Mentoring.

... and then there's the Next Level! A level where you rewire the impossible to become the possible, in seconds. The kind of experience that will make any previous obstacles, barriers or challenges fade away.

The kind of experience involving powerful clarity and belief busting frameworks ... then smashing through wooden boards, breaking arrows on our throats or walking on broken glass. A truly life changing experience.

Extreme Confidence!


How do I level up with Extreme Confidence?


Some of our Extraordinary Life events will include the opportunity to participate in Extreme Confidence experiences. Even Virtual events can include Extreme experiences. So, what are we talking about?

Board breaks
Yes, smashing through a wooden board!

Arrow breaks
Yes, breaking arrows with your throat!

Glass walks
Yes, walking on broken glass!

To be involved in these events, you have to be part of the Extraordinary Life Family.



Do you run business, corporate or other inspiration, motivational or educational live events?

Or do you need to bring your team or clients together to get clarity and breakthrough what's holding them back?

Let's add something
Extreme into the mix to create a truly unforgettable experience.

We can bring board breaks to your virtual events and bring it all to in person events, big or small.

Get your attendees fired up with an inspirational talk and crystal clear frameworks to get clarity and then let them break through anything that's holding them back from their potential with an Extreme Experience.

There's honestly nothing like it.

Whatever you're thinking, and whenever you're thinking of doing it, let's talk now and start planning something Extremely special.

Up to 30 people per in-person session
- £500 per session


Fundraising is the life blood of charity life. The more memorable, unique, and dare I say Extreme, the fundraising the more funds that get raised.

Glass walks, Arrow breaks and Board breaks are fantastic fund raising experiences.

Why not get Massive value from the experience, whilst raising money for your chosen charity?!

Importantly, this isn't just a turn up and do it experience. Your fundraisers will get an inspirational talk, work through powerful frameworks and the chance to show case your Charity. If we're going to do this, let's ensure we over deliver!

Whatever your Charity, whatever your situation and whatever you're thinking, let's talk. Let's plan it well in advance and ensure your Charity shines brightly.

Up to 30 people per in-person session
- Fund raising minimum with % to cover costs

“I've climbed to the top of mountains, jumped off the 108th floor of a building, faced white water rapids, walked over hot coals, broken arrows on my throat, smashed through boards and so much more ... trust me there is NOTHING more powerful than facing what you consider impossible and doing it anyway. You will instantly realise your potential is limitless, nothing can hold you back and you can overcome any challenge you face. It truly changes your life."

Martin Seville

Let's Breakthrough

This is Extreme Confidence

My 1st ever Arrow Break

Adam's Breakthrough

Sandy's Breakthrough

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