Extraordinary Times

Founded in 2020, "Extraordinary Times" were my words to describe a challenged and changing world.

At a time when the world was speeding out of control, the world was dramatically forced to stop. In doing so we were encouraged to reflect on what is truly important and essential in our own lives, as well as what is truly important and essential in society.

With these Extraordinary Times has come great trauma, suffering and loss. Yet, there is Hope. Hope that we can Learn from this, Be better, Live better and Build a more Extraordinary Tomorrow.

Extraordinary Times is a beacon of Hope.


How can Extraordinary Times help you?


Bringing together like-minded people from around the world, the Extraordinary Life Family is an exciting and powerful community who thrive on learning from the success and experience of others, lifting each other up and ultimately living Life on Their Terms.

Join us today to start your Extraordinary journey.


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Challenges, Workshops, World Summits, Masterminds - and 70 hours of free training in the Extraordinary Life Family already ... what we have will blow your mind!

Whether it's being the best You can be, improving your Business, managing your Finances, your Wellness or getting Fit, we've got an event for you! All delivered by world class speakers and coaches.

All details will be in the Extraordinary Life Family.

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If you're looking to move your life to the next level, a Guide and Coach is the most effective way of achieving this.

If you want to explore any of the following, let's talk:

1) Improving Confidence

2) Living with Purpose

3) Achieving a Life Goal

4) Starting or improving your Business

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"So happy you're my coach" - SH

"Super excited to be here" - Karina

"Love the group" - CB

"This is fantastic Martin. Just love it!" - JA

Just some of the Extraordinary feedback received so far about the family and live events!


The whole Extraordinary Times brand and movement all started with this, my first cinematic inspirational video.

The rest, as they say, is HIStory.