Extraordinary Times Events

The Extraordinary Times Events programme is designed to ensure you can improve every aspect of your life, and therefore live your most Extraordinary Life.

From Mindset, Business, Finance, Wellness, Fitness and everything in between Martin and his team of world class speakers, coaches and trainers are bringing Everything they can to ensure you can live the life you desire.


What events are there?

5-Day Kick-Start

Catch the Free Replay of this 5 Day event that kick-starts your Extraordinary Life.

5 days, covering:

1) Your mindset and goals

2) Your Business

3) Your Finances

4) Your Wellness

5) Your Fitness

You'll be personally introduced to the coaches and trainers who help and motivate Martin to live his Extraordinary Life!

This is in the Extraordinary Life Family.


- Free -

5-Day Step Up

Catch the Replay of the of this 5 day event as your world class coaches and trainers from the 5-Day Kick-Start go deeper into:

1) Your mindset

2) Your Business

3) Your Finances

4) Your Wellness

5) Your Fitness

This event will propel you forward in these areas of your life. Not to be missed.

Again, see this event in the Extraordinary Life Family.

- £ Free -

World Summit

This will be a truly Extraordinary event!

Jam packed with Education, Motivation and Inspiration from the coaches and trainers you've come to know, as well as surprise speakers. There will also be extra special guests raising the roof!

Expect breakthroughs, laughter, tears, partying ... the works! Nothing will hold you back after this experience!

The Extraordinary Life Family will be the first to know all the details when we're ready to launch.

- £ tbc -

“You're such an inspiration for me! Hats off to you, sir!" - LB

"It's wonderful to watch you in your element Martin. I can nearly see the passion shine out of you." - MC

"What a Legend. I think you're great!" - CS

"Awesome energy and passion, Martin." - MR

"Fantastic Martin! I just love the immense energy you project!" - GH

Rest assured I'll be bringing this and so much more to our Extraordinary Events!