If you have personal or business challenges, or you are looking to step up to the next level, enlisting the help of a Coach is one of the most effective ways to ensure success.

Michael Jordan is the most successful basketball player in history. He had a Coach. Luke Skywalker became the greatest Jedi. He had a Coach.

I don't do the hard work for you; I ensure you're doing the right work, at the right time, for the right reasons. This exponentially increases your chances of success and reduces the time it takes you. So, how can I help you?


How can I help?

Stress & Worry

Life can be stressful. Work can be stressful. Before you know it you're stressed, worried, anxious and overwhelmed. I was there - for a Very long time.

Let's get you out of that joyless place. I'll listen without judgement, remind you of the best in yourself and help build a path to a Healthier and Happier You.

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- From £500 per month -


Sometimes our confidence takes a dip. Maybe not in everything, but in certain situations. It's natural, you're human after all.

Let me guide you through the exact steps that got me from feeling hopeless to standing proudly as the Hero of my Story!

I've proven it. Science proven it; and clients love it.

- From £500 per month -


We're not necessarily talking about full on Life Purpose, although if we discover that - prepare to have a revelation! We're talking about living With Purpose.

If you feel like you're worth more or made for more; if you feel like you have more to give, this is where we build a path to make your dreams come true. It's all about being intentional and deliberate.

- From £500 per month -


As a multiple business owner I'm very familiar with the ups and downs of owning your own business.

I'm also aware of the foundations of success.

If you're thinking of starting or have just started a new business, or your business just isn't gaining the traction you wish, let's talk.

I particularly love helping fellow coaches.

- From £500 per month -

“The framework you have in your coaching programme worked at my chosen pace and your coaching style is natural, motivating and totally supportive. I want to thank you for transforming my thinking into where I am today. I highly, highly recommend your coaching to others.” - MA

"Martin is one of the most genuine, empathetic coaches I know. He truly believes in you and your ability to make positive changes to your life - sooner rather than later. His passion to help stressed out individuals (before they get to burn out) become their own hero, is really felt throughout his programme and work." - LC

"What can I say, absolutely amazing first session. Martin over delivered is a under estimate. Showed great knowledge & empathy very professional & friendly can't wait for next session 10/10" - SH

Why Heroes?

You may hear me talk about being the Hero of Your Life Story and the Hero's Journey. But, what does this mean?

The Hero's Journey is a storytelling tool as old as time itself. Our Hero, who feels frustrated and far from being a Hero, decides enough is enough: they must change or try something new. Enter stage left the Guide, the Mentor, the Coach. With their wisdom they guide our Hero on a path of new skills, knowledge and experience. There are tests, falls and stumbles but together our Hero gets stronger, bolder and more confident. In the final act, our Hero stands tall, proud and triumphant. Sound familiar? Every great story from Star Wars and the Marvel MCU to Mary Poppins follows this journey. It's not just for movies and books though, it's an incredible guide for life. We are all on our own Hero's Journey. We absolutely should feel, think, act and believe as the Hero of our own Life Story; yet how often do we feel more like a cameo or the narrator. I use the Hero's Journey to help you see Your Life differently and motivate you to create your very best story. This is, after all, Your Hero's Journey.